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Project Name – Nandan Prospera Gold + Nandan Fortura

Project Type – Residential + Commercial

Client – Nandan Associates

Location – Balewadi, Pune

Plot Area – 13,600 Sqm

Construction Area– 3,45,000 Sqft.

2 Buildings of 2 Levels Parking + 16 Floors with a total of 126 units each (3BHK)
1 Commercial Building of Basement + Ground Floor Shops + 2 Floors with Shops/ Offices

Project Description – Since this is the 2nd Phase of the AESA Award winning project Nandan Prospera, it was essential to maintain a similar architectural language for this project yet create its own identity. The design continues with the white, fluid form to blend with the 1st Phase.
The curved pergolas and Jali Pattern along the height of the building add a pleasant visual effect, especially when lit from the inside.

Status – Under Construction

Team – Santaji

Key Words – Residential, Commercial, Balewadi, Curved Facade

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