VK GROUP has always valued it’s employees and maintained a very healthy relationship and work environment.  In terms of it’s association, it is just a BIG FAMILY under one roof !!! With a high level of transparency, we feel our employees are an important part of the company.  

  1. Sick Leave : We have provided this leave additionally to the annual leaves for the obvious reason but we appreciate those employees who do not take any sick leave in a calendar year by giving them Certificates and Vouchers (i.e. couples Movie tickets/Food Vouchers ) 
  2.  Diwali : Every year the auspicious Festival of Diwali is celebrated in a traditional style along with Faral ( the Diwali traditional High Tea). Annually a special Diwali Gift and sweets are distributed.
  3. Annual Day: Our Annual Day/Commencement Day is 21st July which is the most awaited event of the year. A full day trip is organized and everybody enjoys the whole journey.  Starting from the Puja at office, travel, music, masti, food and dance, fun to the fullest, Every year all go back home with a whole lot of sweet memories, and looking forward to where they would go next year!
  4. Cricket League: We have our own Cricket Team that participates in the Architects T20 Championship Trophy every year. These matches are held in Mumbai. Its the Company’s 5 year of participation. 
  5. Badminton Premier League: Initially Badminton games were a weekly activity that was held on a pre-booked court near the office for 3 evenings after office for all interested staff members. Tournaments have started since the last 5 years with full enthusiasm from all staff members. Since 2018 we have a BPL (Badminton Premier League), where the Directors are owners of Teams and a proper auction of the players is conducted which is full fun for all, players then go through Knock-out round, Semi-Final and Final Matches which decide the Winning Team.
  6. Bounty Bonus:  We are always looking to grow our teams with talented people. We have Employee Referral Bonus program. Employees refer qualified candidates and if selected, we offer specific rewards for the referrers as a “Thank you”. 
  7. PPF (Public Provident Fund): This is a tax saving scheme wherein even the Company invests a certain amount of share in the employee’s PPF Account.    
  8.  Mediclaim Policy: Health is Wealth is a very famous saying, and everyone tries different methods to maintain their well-being. But for those unfortunate and un-for-seen events we pay annual premium for our employee’s Medical Insurance Policy.  
  9. Loyalty Bonus: To encourage and felicitate those who are with us for 5 years and multiples of 5 years in the company, a Travel Package is given to the employee which facilitates them to enjoy a vacation with their families through this Bonus.  \
  10. Creative Team building and Group activities: we have birthday celebrations every Friday, we conduct various creative activities in the office by suffering the staff into completely new teams and get them to create posters, webpages, and other