Creating delightful spaces for everyone that are better by design.


To create buildings where design impact can be measured on the basis of performative criteria for incremental improvement in the lifestyle of everyone.

ISO Objectives

  • To offer professional architectural services on projects so that design impact reaches the building users.
  • To offer architectural consulting service which complements the goals of the client(s) and surpasses their expectations at least on one aspect of the projects.
  • To create projects through architectural designs which are sensitive and judicious is the use to National & Natural resources.
  • To provide architectural designs with the optimum balance of aesthetics, cost and quality.
  • To create projects which add value to the legacy of our organisation.


Design & Achieve D&A… a genetic code that ensures success!

Delving into emerging unexplored dimensions of ‘design’, well equipped with knowledge and skills, VK: a Architecture, strives to achieve efficiency across all its endeavors. The company’s philosophy of Design & Achieve is symbolized by the stable and flexible ‘hexagon’ which is reflected in its promise of optimization and expansion. It represents flexibility, efficiency, balance of resources, and innovative yet strong approaches to rational designs. At VK:a it is achieved through harvesting every opportunity through ‘Better by Design’ thinking.