Nirmaan Group, Mundhwa

  1. 1. Project Name :

I.T. Building

  1. 2. Address : 46(P), Mundhwa, Pune

  1. 3. Client :

Nirmaann Encon Developers

  1. 4. Description : the design concept is to break the monotony of a conventional rectangular elevated structure at the same time maintaining the essence of an IT structure. Instead of designing a solid block mass standing structure upon a stilt, some punctures are introduced to break the linearity of the structure. These punctures add interesting pockets and  to increase in ventilation inside the space of structure. These punctures act as a barrier from working enviroment and creating a little informal space to relax. Vertical landcapes are encorporated to reduce the carbon footprint of the building and to improve the air quality of the space.
  1. 5. Construction area :

19270.  Sq.M

  1. 6. Project Duration :

  1. 7. Sector :