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Puneville, Punawale

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Project Name – Puneville

Project Type – Residential

Client – Pharande Spaces

Location – Punawale, Pune

Plot Area – 1,00,900 Sqm.

Built Up Area – 17,50,000 Sqft.

Status – On-going

Team – Hirkani

A campus boasting 26 residential towers, commercial units and recreational facilities, Puneville is designed for holistic living. While designing the apartments, care was taken to ensure that the flats do not overlook into each other and the spaces do not feel congested. The towers are optimized to be constructed using Alu-Form technology, in 3 phases. Aluminum-Formwork (Alu-Form) system, when used for such large-scale projects can reduce the construction cost while speeding up the process. It works by using design-specific, reusable aluminum formwork that allows incorporation of internal electrical fittings and plumbing as well. This leads to a high-quality finish with optimum usage of materials and less wastage.
Vehicular movement is restricted from the residential zone by providing separate parking area with podium gardens. All the buildings and parking zones are connected by a walkway, enhancing the pedestrian experience within the campus. The walkway becomes a transitional space, acting as a platform for chance encounters or just a pathway for an evening stroll. Various sports amenities and open areas are interspersed within the campus to promote a healthy lifestyle.
Intelligent design strategies combined with the use of new methods of construction technology resulted in quality living spaces while maintaining cost efficiency. The project is also GRIHA 4 star rated.