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Project Name : Chlorophyll

Address : S. 34, Hissa No – 3, Baner, Pune

Client : Capstone Landmarks Pvt. Ltd.

Description : Chlorophyll is meticulously designed with unbound convenience & the best of amenities and are an effortless blend of modernity and elegance.The project has planned for green landscaped areas on the ground and podium. In the choice of trees and vegetation, we have ‘gone native’, thereby enhancing the ecological value of the project and allowing birds and butterflies to harmoniously co-exist in the project. each square foot is thoughtfully designed, utilizing space to the maximum. The apartments are meticulously planned, and with their flawless execution.Each flat is designed in such a way that it is open from all sides, for proper ventilation, and yet making sure that the privacy is not compromised both inside flat, and between the neighbor.designed to minimize the carbon footprint and maximize the energy of natural resources, like sunlight, wind and water. Building materials in Chlorophyll use lesser energy in manufacturing and transportation thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the project. External walls, roofs and glass used in the project allow lesser heat inside the flats. The finishing materials used in the project are health friendly.

Construction Area : – Sq.M

Project Duration : xxxx-xxxx

Sector : Residential