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VK:a has submitted Urban Street Design Guidelines to PMC

We are glad to inform you that we have completed the work of preparation of Urban Street Design Guidelines for Pune city and has submitted it to Pune Municipal Corporation on 26th May 14.

The work was entrusted to us by PMC through tender procedure in march 2013.
We have prepared the guidelines based on the following

1. An extensive online and on site citizens opinion survey has been conducted with help of Sustainability Initiatives Trust and over 8000 opinions have been analysed which have helped in validating and strengthening the proposed design recommendations.

2. Over 50 National and 50 international reports and case studies have been studied and referred to arrive at customised design recommendations for Pune streets which include all relevant IRC reports, GoI manuals, Indian and International best practices and research papers, Pune studies like CMP, BRTS, METRO report, CDP, DP etc.)

3. Regular interactions with technical & environmental experts, architects, engineers, local ngos and concerned PMC authorities like road department, PMPML, Traffic police, STAC committee etc have been conducted to revalidate the design recommendations.

The guidelines have been prepared based on the requirements set by PMC to have an reference document specifically for design of streets which can be referred by contractors, engineers and authorities as currently there is no comprehensive guideline which talks of design of streets customised for Pune city.

We have prepared the document which covers all the things required for design of the streets. These are some major areas which have been covered in this document

Need of the Study and secondary data analysis
Online opinion surveys and analysis
Setting vision and goals
Establishing Pune street hierarchy
Categorising Street elements in three types namely
Mobility and accessibility elements
Safety and comfort elements
Environment and ecology elements
Proposing detail recommendations for each element from above three types
Proposing detail intersection, grade separator and universal access design recommendations
Proposing typical street cross sections based on right of ways from 6 M to 60 M and intersection designs
Proposing Implementation framework.

The initial presentation draft was submitted to PMC on 23rd Dec 2013 over which we have been receiving comments from various working groups. We have incorporated their suggestions in this final copy.

Lastly we would like to mention that this is an important project for us which we have completed as part of our commitment and contribution towards development of our Pune city and we take pride in completing it on 41st year of our practice.