Wahal Township

Wahal Township

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Project Name – Integrated Townships

Project Type – Mixed Use

Client – Mr. Gautam Budhrani

Location – Wahal, Navi Mumbai

Plot Area:
Township 01 – 125.70 Acres
Township 02 – 121.60 Acres
Township 03 – 105.70 Acres

Constrauction Area:
Township 01 – 15,00,000 sq.ft.
Township 02 – 12,00,000 sq.ft.
Township 03 – 10,00,000 sq.ft.

Configuration : A mix of Residential, Commercial, Retail, Public Amenities, Open Spaces, etc.

Project Description – The design brief required an entire land parcel of 350 acres to be divided into 3 smaller townships of around 100 acres each, which was done after a detailed analysis of the slope & land buildability. Each township was designed with a concept as per the site form and context. Township 01 which had V-shaped valley at its center, was designed with a concept of ‘Green-vic Valley’ inspired by the V-formation of flying birds, with green spaces & amenities along the valley and residential sectors around the periphery.

The site for Township 02 which was in the form of butterfly wings, was designed with a concept of ‘Green Wings’, with the roads acting as arteries around which the residential sectors were planned. Township 03 which had a Triangular form & a slope towards one corner, was designed with the concept of ‘Green Glides’, with central placement of residential sectors and green spaces on the periphery along the slope. Commercial sectors were planned at the entrances for all the three townships. Amenities were spread all across the site for ease of access. Though each township has its own charater, a common theme of green spaces ties all the three together.

Status – Unbuilt

Team – Santaji

Key Words – Masterplanning, Residential, Commercial, Retail, Amenities, Township, Open Spaces, School

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