Pimpri Mall

Pimpri Mall

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Project Name – Proposed Mall at Pimpri

Project Type – Mixed Use

Client – Mr. Parth Pawar

Location – Pimpri, Pune

Plot Area – 13,500 Sqm

Construction Area – 5,75,000 Sqft.

Configuration – 1 Mall Building with Retail, Offices, Multiplex and F&B

Project Description– The project is designed in 2 wings, with a mix of retail spaces, F&B, Multiplex screens on the lower levels of both the wings while one wing rises higher with flexible office spaces. The planning concept of the mall was ‘divergence’. The entry of the mall lands the users into
the central atrium which splits into 2 perpendicular directions, creating linear vistas and giving the users a sense of direction. The stepped indoor landscaped areas in the atriums provide visual interaction as well as space for various activities like performances, kiosks, product launches, small  exhibitions, etc. The bridges and escalators situated in the atrium at various points provide an ease of horizontal as well as vertical connectivity.
The facade has been designed in grey monotones with green pockets adding a dash of colour. The large mesh patterns create interesting play of light & shadow in the semi open spaces like the cafeteria. A triangular pattern in glazing has been used for the office floors to follow a similar visual language as that of the mall, yet giving a formal appearance suitable to the use. The L-shaped building form creates a pocket at the center, forming an interesting entrance plaza.

Status – Unbuilt

Team – Santaji

Key Words – Mall, Retail, Shops, Commercial, Offices, Glazing, Facade, Multiplex, F&B

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