MKSSS – School Bldg. at S. No. 22, Karvenagar, Pune

1. Project Name :
Rama Purushottam Vidya Sankul

2. Address :
S. NO. 2A, 22B, 22/6+8B, 22/8A & 62 Karvenagar, Pune

3. Client :

4. Description : the whole concept was to design an effective interactive spaces in campus keeping it open and yet being fullly utilized by it purpose. The campus is planned around a Central couryard which is multipurpose can can be used differently each time. It can be used as Assembly area, prayer hall and Amphitheater. Also can be used for Lunch breaks and shift change. Staircase access have been provided from central court to Parking area.
 90% Courtyard is open to sky and partly covered by double height.Connection passage at
2nd level can be used as viewing gallery for Amphitheater. Overlooking Shafts in
central passage area have been designed for effective floor to floorcommunication and for
Air circulation as well.

5. Construction area :
20160 Sq.M

6. Project Duration :
2011 Onwards

7. Sector :