Baralay IT Park

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  1. 1. Project Name :

Baralay IT Park

  1. 2. Address :

Hinjewadi, Phase 1, Pune

  1. 3. Client :

Dr. Sunjay Baralay

  1. 4. Description :

The major challange of the site was the high tenstion lines passing right through centre of the plot dividing the plot in two halves making a central transition space .

The concept for this IT Park is DATUM which is one of the principles of design, the visual methods that allow the form and space of building co-exist in order to make a design complete. It refers to Line, Plane & Volume.

Here the Random Pattern of panels of glass and solids give a vertical visual continuity, where as the light shelves cut throughor bypass all the elements horizontally resulting in random pattern being organized. So it acts like a linear vertical Datum.

The size, proportions are in harmony with closure and regularity in such a way that the overall figure when gathered together the elements feel being organized within its field. of reference to which other elements in composition can relate.

  1. 5. Construction area :

12000 Sq.M

  1. 6. Project Duration :


  1. 7. Sector :


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