Vilas Javdekar Eco Homes,S.No.128, Dhayari

1. Project Name :

2. Address : – Dhayari, Pune

3. Client :
Vilas Javdekar Developers

4. Description : This project is on a rather premium piece of land, and with the design
and project sizing achieved is destined to be successful. Coupled with the right amenities and specifications.The architectural design and the planning is in close anticipation of the
same. To allow the inhabitants with the community feeling with the comforts and luxury. Smart Compact Apartments are designed for different usage of space – that is inherently multi-utility, flexible and free-flowing, that provides usage zones rather than definitive rooms for family spaces like dining, living and the kitchen.

5. Construction area :
– Sq.M

6. Project Duration :

7. Sector :