Emrald Green – Trimurti Group – S. No.60, Undri, Tal.Haveli, Pune

1. Project Name : Emrald Green

2. Address : S.No.60 H.No.1/2(P),S.No.2 H.No.4/1+2, S.No.5 H.No 2/3(P) At-Undri,Pune

3. Client :M/s. Poonam Aundh Developers

4. Description : A seamless amalgamation of luxury, comfort and style blend to provide a truly sophisticated lifestyle. These Residential Apartments are designed to Make life a well experience with nice equipped relaxation and entertainment facilities. The project is enriched and loaded with amenities housing solution with the perfect blend of luxury and comfort.

5. Construction area : 15725 Sq.M

6. Project Duration :  2012 Onwards

7. Sector :Residential