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Zilla Parishad Building

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1. Project Name :
Zilla Parishad Building, Pune

2. Address :
Ambedkar Road, Camp, Pune

3. Client :
Pune Zilla Parishad

4. Description :
This building was the first government design competition VK won. The prestigious Pune Zilla Parishad Building designed in 1992 evokes a sense of pride for us as being one on with Indian Tricolor flag over it. Being a public building the spaces had to be designed with sense of openness and grandeur. An symmetrical plan with two C shaped blocks interlock over each other. The building has stepped entrance with spacious left and right wings oa 6 storey each where top three floors are elevated by columns and joined at the fourth floor giving a unique form to the structure. The building holds 2 big assembly halls, conference rooms, department units. Parking has been accommodated at basements. There are staircases on all corners and in center which are covered by glass. The simple circulation of building ensures that vistors can easily navigate efficently once inside.

5. Construction area :
11800 Sq.M

6. Project Duration :
Completed 2010

7. Sector :

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